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Research & Interests

All of our coaches are life long learners. With the dynamic coaching landscape, we needed a place to jot down our thoughts.  On this page you'll find resources for coaching, our opinions on coaching methods and techniques, and some of the coaching research we're interested in.  From fringe to mainstream, we cover it here.

Welcome to the Research and Interests page.  First, I want to tell you why this page exists and why I think it is so important.  I believe that for coaching to remain a strong personal and professional development tool, we have to keep learning and questioning the coaching literature and research.  In coaching, when we work with clients we ask them to question their assumptions about their life, so why not hold the same magnifying glass to coaching?

Next, the research we do for TCG Mentor and Trident Coaching Group (TCG) is important and informs you, the coach (perhaps our client), on what we discover works in coaching and why we think it works best for us.  Many of the amazing folks at TCG are researchers when they aren't coaching.  They are doctoral students, authors, entrepreneurs, or just plain coach nerds (like me!).

The hope with this page is to open up a new world of coaching to new coaches and seasoned coaches as well.  We also hope you try out some of what you read here and see if it works for you.  We believe in outside of the box thinking here at TCG.  So, read through our posts.  Take what is useful for you and leave what isn't.  

Happy Reading!  --Casey--

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