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TCG Group Mentorship

Breakthrough Mentorship for Courageous Coaching

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Expert Mentorship from Expert Coaches

When you join the TCG Group Mentor Program, you get a truly transformational experience while benefiting from expert guidance in a supportive and inclusive environment. All of our mentors hold a PCC credential or higher and have decades of experience in coaching across multiple industries and using various coaching approaches. 

Collectively, your mentors have been in 'the trenches' of coaching. We've had success, made mistakes, and learned so much along the way. We blend multiple coaching disciplines with a singular goal in mind. To help our mentees overcome coaching interference so they can be the best and most authentic coach they can be. We hope you'll join us on your mentor coaching journey. 

Benefits of TCG Group Mentor Coaching

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Online Learning

Over 7 hours of group mentor coaching. Plus access to a coach learning platform to connect with members of your cohort. Generative group learning takes place even outside of the classroom. 

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Custom Mentoring

Four one-to-one mentor coaching sessions to focus on strengthening your coaching skills while clearing the mental interference that blocks you from coaching courageously.

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ICF Accredited

The TCG Group Mentor Program is accredited by the ICF to grant 22.5 Coach Continuing Education Units.

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Your mentor coach will help sharpen your coaching skills, and also help you navigate the ICF credentialling process. We'll walk you through the steps to submit your application so that's one less thing for you to stress about.

Support Group

Complete in as little as 3 months.

Over 10 hours of mentoring.

Access to invaluable coaching resources and tools.

Interact with your group and mentors even when you're not in session. 

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Is TCG Group Mentor Coaching right for you?

The Mentor Coaching Program fulfills the 10 hour mentor requirement set forth by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It is designed for the following impact-preneurs:


  • Coaches on the ACC or PCC Portfolio path.

    • A coach who has had at least 60 hours of coach specific training.

    • Has or will have 100+ ICF approved coaching hours by time of applying for credentialing.

    • Received training from a non-approved coaching institution.


  • Coaches who have completed the ACC ACSTH path or the PCC ACSTH path.

    • A coach who has had at least 60 hours of coach specific training from and ICF accredited ACSTH program.

    • Has or will have 100+ ICF approved coaching hours by time of applying.


  • An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) who wants to renew their ACC credential.


  • Any coach who wants to increase their coaching skills using the ICF core competencies while earning ICF CCEs.


  • Organizations whose internal coaches meet the any of the criteria listed above.

What Clients Say

"One of the best coaching education experiences I've ever had. 

Marianne Collins, Financial Executive Coach

Why is it important to get an ICF accreditation?

Coaching is transformative, not only for those we coach, but for coaches as well. There is a reason this profession is exploding globally. It's a $2+ billion industry that attracts tens of thousands of new coaches every year. Unfortunately, not everyone who calls themselves a coach has the ability to deliver incredible results for their clients. You probably have seen coaches that use coach as a marketing tool or a synonym for things like advisor, mentor, or instructor.

That's why the International Coaching Federation (ICF) established the gold standard in coaching nearly three decades ago. To distinguish dedicated coaches with the expertise and experience from those who aren't yet qualified to coach. All ICF credentialed coaches operate using a high standard of ethics, conduct, and core competencies.

You've likely realized that potential clients and organizations are demanding their coaches have an ICF credential, and are ready to get certified yourself.


According to a recent study on coaching*:


79% of clients in established markets and 86% in emerging markets reported holding a credential was important or very important.

Credential holders command higher fees, report more clients, and achieve higher annual revenue than those without a credential.

Clients report 96% satisfaction rate for coaches who hold a credential.

*Based on ICF global consumer awareness studies from 2014 -2017.


How much does the TCG Mentor Program cost program cost?

Group cohorts (up to 10) cost $2200 per coach.

Can you guarantee I'll get ICF certified?

No. In fact, no mentor coach can. It's against the duties of an ICF mentor coach to guarantee you'll get a credential. We can promise to provide the best mentoring in accordance with ICF core competencies so you can be confidently prepared. 

I want guidance on setting up my business. Will you talk about that in the mentor program?

No. We can only provide mentoring on your coaching skills. See the ICF's mentor coaching duties.

Will I get to coach real clients in your program?

Evaluating a coach recording is integral to our program. Therefore, please try to find an active client prior to program start. You will be engaged in live coaching sessions with your fellow cohort mates.

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