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Mentor Coaching and Coach Education for Transformative Coaches

TCG Mentor was created for impact driven coaching, and designed for coaches that think outside of the box.  Our coach mentoring and education programs will take your coaching skills to the next level while highlighting your strongest coaching advantage...your authenticity.

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Why TCG for your coach education?

Like most coaches, you take your coaching journey seriously.  This is more than a career for you. It is what gives you purpose and meaning.  You want a coaching team that has the same love for coaching that you have, and an extensive background in coaching and coach education to back it up.

All of our mentor coaches are ICF PCC certified and have backgrounds from a variety of industries including psychology, business, entrepreneurship, military, academia, and more.  One thing that all of our mentors and educators have in common is a shared goal of helping develop confident and competent coaches.  

When you join our programs you'll get amazing support, and a variety of skills and tools to use in your coaching practice.  Most importantly, you'll join an always growing community of coaches to collaborate and grow with.

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Mentor Coaching

An ICF approved mentor coaching program for those interested in becoming an ICF Associate Accredited Coach (ACC), Professional Coach Certified (PCC).

This program nets you 22.5 CCEs!

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Hi! My name is Casey and I am the Founder of Trident Coaching Group, and the Chief of Coach Learning here at TCG Mentor.  When I started my coaching journey I felt stuck, uncertain, and more than a little overwhelmed.  I knew coaching was something I HAD to do with my life, but after coach training I felt like I didn't have any support, which made me insecure about my coaching ability.  I felt like I was lost, and believe me I didn't have endless funds to keep paying for more training.

While meeting with other coaches, I found out many of them felt the same way too.  I knew I had to help those people who create so much impact, but end up burning out before they realize their dreams of having a coaching career.  

I started Trident Coaching Group to work with Impact architects to break down their barriers to success so they could flourish.  Now, I'm proud to lead the team at TCG Mentor.  Our coach mentoring and education service where we work with external and internal coaches to enhance their coaching skills using their greatest coaching advantage--their authenticity.

Our goal is to provide top notch coach education, mentoring, and support for coach impact architects.    

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